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Planters are the perfect gift, Steven Raine Gardening creates unique designs just for you

Baskets and planters for Estates, homes, businesses, functions and weddings.

At Steven Raine Gardening we focus on four key areas:

1. Borders – design, consultancy, refresh or planting.
2. Hanging baskets for homes, businesses and functions.
3. Planted containers for Estates, homes, businesses and weddings.
4. Education – garden consultancy and accompanied visits to garden centres

Flowering plants (angiosperms)
Conifers (gymnosperms)
Ferns and horsetails

Estimates of the total number of living plants on earth!

Our Services

We are passionate designers and gardeners who really love creating awesome projects and regular maintenance.

We now offer free initial consultations in the Inverness and Aviemore areas.

Ask for Steven and we will create something bespoke for you.

Estates, Homes, Businesses, Weddings

These Are Just A Few Of Our Services, There Are Plenty More

  • Free Initial Consultations

  • Garden Overhauls

  • Seasonal Plants

  • Create New Borders

  • Regular Maintenance

  • Container Gardening

  • Vacation Services

  • Container For Weddings

  • Local Delivery

  • Raised Beds For Vegetables

  • Relocating Plants

  • Garlands And Wreaths

  • Hard Landscaping

  • Planting Shrubs And Trees

  • General Pruning

  • Planting Garden Borders

  • Plant Choice Suggestions

  • Hedge Trimming

  • Container Trees

  • Annual Bedding Plants

  • Pruning Shrubs

  • Wildflower Meadows

  • Potted Flowers And Plants

  • Planting Vegetable Gardens

  • Planting Fruit Trees

  • Pruning Roses

  • Large Containers Trees


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Boutique garden services tailored to your needs.

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Mother’s Day

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Perfect autumn gift

The perfect autumn gift or self indulgence!Wicker baskets (40 x 44cm) planted with begonias or a mixed variety of seasonal plants.Each basket is made to order from £25.00 or two from £45.00 - delivery [...]

Customer Reviews: We Love our Customers, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our customers. When you buy, there is no need to worry about customer support. Check out what our customers are saying about Us!

“This is a great gift.”

“WOW  This is a great gift. The bespoke design blew me away once a picture had been sent to me. A simple idea and clever as I could see what was being sent.  I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. I  look forward to ordering again! – Mavis 

I bought a two planters as gifts and I would like to recommend them to everyone interested in building a garden. 80% of the plants can be planted out in the Spring/Summer.  Once planted they are a reminder of the gift they received and of course they last a lot longer than a bouquet of flowers! It is very convenient and the customer service is very good.


As a beginner, Steven helped me and was extremely patient, his responses were quick and he genuinely cares. Its worth the phone call alone, he’s a real character…. highly recommended!


Let me say something. They helped me on a weekend and got me out of a real hole.They went the extra mile in terms of customer service – brilliant!!


Thank you for your very professional and prompt response. I went to look for answers on the internet and got thoroughly confused.   Thanks again.


I had Steven working in my garden at the time and wanted to purchase new plants for the plot. He took me to two garden centres and we selected the ‘right plants for the right places’, as he says. The bonus was his negotiation and discount which saved me £130.00. So I bought more plants!! Use him you will be extremely pleased.


…I wanted to drop you a note about some brilliant customer service……Steven was superb and he couldn’t be more helpful. He offered advice on plants for new containers, planted them and had them ready when we picked them up 2 hours later. He was friendly, courteous and efficient. At a time when customers service can be hit and miss his service was excellent.


We now offer free initial consultations in the Inverness and Aviemore areas!

Contact Steven Raine Gardening Now!

Endless Possibilities: The Only Solution You Need

We are passionate designers and gardeners who really love creating awesome projects and regular maintenance.