Easily add a splash of colour to your home, Steven Raine Gardening creates unique designs just for you

Spring, Summer, Autum, Winter And Christmas Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets and the Highlands are a heady mixture but by layering our expertise most designs and colour combinations are possible even in the most inhospitable of climates.

The Baskets

Firstly talk to us. Ask for Steven and we will create something bespoke for you

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Choose Your Hanging Basket

Our main focus is in summer baskets, with limited availability of winter baskets that celebrate Christmas.

Baskets come in two sizes, both plastic reusables and raffia. For all baskets the process is almost identical. We create containers for you. and not in bulk for retailers. Steven Raine will create the hanging basket.

Baskets are created bearing in mind a number of factors:

  • Their situation – the position of sun and exposure to wind, of which the latter is the greatest risk to a baskets health
  • Use – for individual decoration or statements pieces for hotels, businesses and guest houses.
  • Planting – chosen planting scheme

Due to the nature of the planting we make up baskets 4 weeks ahead of delivery. This allows the baskets to ‘settle’ beforehand.

We Create Hanging Baskets For Customers Needing Them For The Following Uses:

    Hanging Baskets add colour and decoration throughout all four seasons, the most popular of which is summer.
    As a garden for people living with small spaces or no garden.
    Low maintenance that will look beautiful with little to no effort required.
    A hanging basket is a great place to get creative.
    Hanging baskets are a easy way of creating a neat, clean and professional looking outdoor style, whether it’s for your own garden or the entrance of an office.

What is our added value?

  • We only create containers for you and not in bulk for retailers. This ensures your gift or container is as unique as it can be.
  • You speak to Steven Raine, your horticulturalist, who will create the container. Once created we will send a picture through to you in text or email format for your approval.
  • Each container will container a gift card and message if appropriate.
  • For all containers we provide a laminated index of plants used and will indicate whether they can be planted out in due course. We aim that 75% of our plants can be used in this way. For trees we also attach planting instructions.
  • For all customers we offer a watering and feeding service for those on holiday from £5 per week.
  • In addition we offer an annual maintenance subscription service which includes planters.
  • Finally we deliver free of charge where appropriate. We don’t specify because we are fluid and focused on service, additionally we don’t want to get stitched up!! On this point of fluidity I have worked for organisations that deliver and for a charge. They could deliver 6 items to 6 addresses in Dingwall and charge 6 delivery charges. We won’t – that’s why it is at our discretion.