Planters are the perfect gift, Steven Raine Gardening creates unique designs just for you

Baskets and planters for Estates, homes, businesses, functions and weddings.

Historically, planted containers have been used to add summer bedding
colour to doorsteps, welcoming guests with a smile. Today things have changed.
At Steven Raine Gardening we are driving that change with new ideas which
I am sure you will appreciate.

The Process

Firstly talk to us. Ask for Steven and we will create something bespoke for you

0791 871 3801

      Choose The Container

         Choose The Plant

  • A ceramic container is sturdy, most are frost proof and although they add to the cost of the container they add value in the eyes of the receiver if given as a gift.
  • A plastic container is lighter, easier to move and cheaper. The designs and configurations are so good now a lot look like stone or ceramics.
  • Terracotta looks very traditional. Cheaper than ceramic they position themselves in between. Most are frost proof but if they are exposed to a harsh winter they will discolour and you will end up replacing them.
  • Floral – we would recommend a central plant that draws the eye with complimentary planting. The pot should not fight with the planting stylistically
  • Vegetable. Seasonal selected to your requirements.
  • Fruit. We do have access to plums, apples and cherries. Additionally we have access to Family Trees. They are a bit ‘Franksteinian’ as it is possible to grow three different varieties on one tree!!

We Prepare Planted Containers For Customers Needing Them For The Following Uses:

    Containers for colour and decoration throughout all four seasons, the most popular of which are summer and Christmas.
    The average spend on wedding flowers is ££££ … Why not substitute some of the flowers with a planted container that means something to the couple. The plants can be replanted into the garden as a reminder of a beautiful day. Likewise they can be removed if things turn sour !!!
    As a garden for people living without space or those in apartments bringing the great outdoors to them.
    A living gift competitively priced against floral bouquets.
    Gold watches maybe too much of a stretch. A planted container can say so much to a person without excessive cost.
    We prepare vegetable containers to be grown at home with out the obligation to prepare a plot. Ideal for the elderly, infirm and people without gardens they are often supplemented with fruit trees cultivated for containers. The most popular in our area are plums, cherries and apples.
    We have a selection of raised beds (large containers) for vegetables, flowers and trees. Some are ideal for people with disabilities.
    Why not. you deserve it!

What is our added value?

  • We only create containers for you and not in bulk for retailers. This ensures your gift or container is as unique as it can be.
  • You speak to Steven Raine, your horticulturalist, who will create the container. Once created we will send a picture through to you in text or email format for your approval.
  • Each container will container a gift card and message if appropriate.
  • For all containers we provide a laminated index of plants used and will indicate whether they can be planted out in due course. We aim that 75% of our plants can be used in this way. For trees we also attach planting instructions.
  • For all customers we offer a watering and feeding service for those on holiday from £5 per week.
  • In addition we offer an annual maintenance subscription service which includes planters.
  • Finally we deliver free of charge where appropriate. We don’t specify because we are fluid and focused on service, additionally we don’t want to get stitched up!! On this point of fluidity I have worked for organisations that deliver and for a charge. They could deliver 6 items to 6 addresses in Dingwall and charge 6 delivery charges. We won’t – that’s why it is at our discretion.